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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Wildfires in California

December 12, 2017
The most destructive wildfire raging in southern California has expanded significantly, scorching an area larger than New York City!
The Thomas fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties has consumed 93,000 hectares in the past week.
Fanned by strong winds, it has become the fifth largest wildfire in recorded state history after it grew by more than 20,000 hectares in a day.
The other fires hitting California are largely controlled, but 200,000 people have evacuated their homes and hundreds of buildings have been destroyed since 4 December.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Phone that charges in 12 minutes

December 5, 2017
Samsung have developed the ability for their news phones to charge in 12 minutes.
Quick Charge for phones has been around for a good long while now, but new advances by Samsung means it will go from dead to full inside 12 minutes.
The key to the speed is something called graphene.
According to reports, an ultra-thin layer of graphene – just one atom thick – is applied to batteries. This infinitesimal layer is also 200 times stronger than steel.
What Is Graphene?
Graphene is a single atomic layer of carbon atoms bound in a hexagonal network.
Simple put it is the building blocks of the future. The technology will have an impact on pretty much everything from buildings to smart cars inside the next decade.
Scientists believe it could one day be used to make transparent conducting materials, biomedical sensors and even extremely light, yet strong, aircraft.”

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

7-year-old Ethan battled through the hiccups to perform perhaps the greatest rendition of the Australian national anthem EVER SEEN. His reaction after the song is priceless.

Team NZ unveils boat for next America’s Cup

November 21, 2017
Team New Zealand this morning revealed the design of boat that will be used at the 36th America’s Cup in 2021.
The next event will be raced in AC75 class fully foiling monohull yachts.
As America’s Cup holders Team New Zealand dictates the type of boat the event will be contested in.
Team New Zealand said the goal was to design a class that would be challenging and demanding to sail, rewarding the top level of skill for the crews.
The AC75 combines high-performance sailing and great match racing with the safety of a boat that can right itself in the event of a capsize.
Team New Zealand chief executive Grant Dalton said “analysis of the performance of the foiling monohulls tells us that once the boat is up and foiling, the boat has the potential to be faster than an AC50 both upwind and downwind.”

Coral transplants could help Great Barrier Reef

November 27, 2017
Scientists are regrowing coral from larvae on damaged patches of the Great Barrier Reef in a project that could change the management of reef systems worldwide.
Professor Peter Harrison from Southern Cross University has been collecting coral spawn off Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef and maturing it in tanks.
“It’s really exciting, this essentially is the rebirth of the reef,” Professor Harrison said.
A team of scientists has deposited millions of coral larvae back onto damaged areas that may not regenerate naturally.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Astronomers find second oldest object in universe

November 13, 2017
Using one of the world’s most powerful telescopes, scientists have announced the discovery of a galaxy that’s about 12.8 billion years old.
It’s “only” about 1 billion years younger than the Big Bang, making it the second-oldest object ever discovered.
At present, there is only one other, slightly older and more distant object like this that is known.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Kiwi League team open World Cup with win

October 29, 2017
New Zealand have kicked off their Rugby League World Cup campaign with a 38-8 victory over Samoa.
However, the result was marred by a high error rate and an ill-disciplined performance in general play. New Zealand had 17 errors and completed barely 60 per cent of their sets.
Shaun Johnson, capitalising on strong pack performances from Marty Taupau and Russell Packer, controlled play at halfback with ease.
He scored a try and laid on two assists as his side made an early play for top spot in Pool B, with Scotland and a strong Tonga to play on Sunday.
On a sour note for the Kiwis, however, centre Gerard Beale picked up a serious ankle injury and was forced off on a stretcher in the second half.
The Test was New Zealand’s first on home soil since 2014.